Our facility first became a funeral home in 1901 when Raymond E. Dennin placed his sign up on the door Dennin Funeral Home

In 1941 a partnership between J. Mahoney and Ralph Lattimore became the successors to Raymond E. Dennin. The funeral home

name was Mahoney & Lattimore

In 1948 Ralph Lattimore became sole owner and the funeral home name became Lattimore Funeral Home

Ralph Lattimore died in 1966. His wife Florence operated the funeral home until 1971.

On May 27, 1971 William J. Mevec and Mary Ann Mevec purchased the funeral home from Florence. In 1973 Mary Ann Mevec attended Hudson Valley Community College Mortuary Science Program. She graduated in 1975. William and Mary Ann operated the Lattimore Funeral Home Inc for four years.

In 1975 they changed the name of the funeral home to Lattimore-Mevec Funeral Home Inc. In 1978 William and Mary Ann changed the name of the funeral home to Mevec Funeral Home Inc. Mary Ann became a licensed funeral director in 1979.

William J. Mevec Jr. became a funeral director in 1985 and joined his parents at the family funeral home.


Our family opened the Wilton Funeral Home Inc in September of 1994.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our communities.